When a storage unit customer becomes delinquent and after the terms of the IL Self-Service Storage Facility Act have been complied with, an auction will be held on site to dispose of the contents of the delinquent unit to fulfill the lien amount & fees due. 

An auction may be cancelled at anytime prior to the time of sale without notice. 

Auction Rules: 

  1. No Smoking in units, No Alcohol on premises, and Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. 
  2. No access to the unit will be provided to bidders other than viewing from outside the door. 
  3. Bids are on the entire unit, As Is, and Where Is. All sales are final. 
  4. Bidders must register with the clerk and must have a current and valid photo I.D. 
  5. Bidder must be at least 18 years old. 
  6. Payments will be cash only & paid in full to the clerk immediately after the sale. 
  7. Bidders must have the full amount of cash at the time of sale, otherwise the sale will be voided. 
  8. The buyer must sign a Confirmation of Sale form verifying their final bid. 
  9. Buyers agree to remove their property within 24 hours of the time of purchase and leave nothing behind. 
  10. The buyer is solely responsible for the safety and security of their contents.